Murrieta Chiropractor

If you’re in pain, we can help.

Whether you are having discomfort due to spinal stenosis and would benefit from spinal decompression therapy, want to work to find relief from your peripheral neuropathy, or are in need of precision chiropractic care as pain management as a result of sports injuries or an auto accident, our Murrieta chiropractic office holds the capacity of addressing your specific concerns. We are available to consult on any pain concerns that you may have.

Dr. Lee’s extensive background in rehabilitation and physiotherapy is often the difference between choosing Hoyt Chiropractic over other offices. He combines a blend of chiropractic techniques such as diversified adjusting, applied biophysics, and Palmer techniques. Dr. Lee also provides the patient education and take-home tools needed for a complete recovery.

dr-lee-familyWhy Choose Hoyt Chiropractic?

  • Graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 2000
  • Received his undergraduate degree in biology from UC Santa Barbara in 1997
  • Dr. Lee has been a chiropractor treating patients in the Murrieta area for 11 years
  • Worked 10 years as a Chiropractor at an Orthopedist office
  • Specializes in the most complicated spinal and extremity diagnosis and treatment
  • Auto accident, work injury & sports injury rehabilitation specialist